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Here at Cheltenham tree services, we receive a range of questions about the arboricultural service we provide. Some of these questions are frequently asked by our customers. We have decided to create a frequently asked question page to help provide some answers to these questions.


Why would I need a tree crown reduction service?


The tree crown reduction service we offer is very important to those who have a tree overgrowing its intended location. Having our tree crown reduction will help to prevent the overgrowth of a tree. The service also helps to reduce the risk of the tree being damaged in the future by stormy weather.


What is a tree crown lifting service?


This is when our experienced team removes the lower branches of the tree to help reshape the tree. This service helps to reshape the tree to the required height that the customer desires. This service is crucial for those who may have a path that has become blocked by the lower branches of a tree.


Why would I get my tree removed?


There are many reasons to have a tree removed from the property. Reasons to have the tree removed include giving you more room on your property. An example of this is if there is a tree blocking a parking space on your drive. It may be needed to have the tree removed if another parking space is required. One more reason to have your tree removed is to prevent having to maintain the tree. Reasons to have a tree removed are mentioned in the most recent blog Tree Removal Gloucester.


What is a tree reshaping service?


This is when tree branches are selectively removed to help improve the growth of the tree. This service doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the branches throughout the entire tree. This service simply helps to create a more symmetrical shape.


Why would I need to have my tree pruned?


Getting your tree pruned simply helps to keep your tree healthy. When having your tree pruned our professional team will remove any overhanging branches. The team is also highly experienced in spotting any areas of concern that may be infected. Removing these infected branches is hugely beneficial to the health of the tree. This helps to prevent the infection from traveling further throughout the tree helping to keep the tree healthy. Having overhanging and infected branches removed helps the tree to have more access to air and sunlight helping the tree to continue growing successfully.


What are Veteran Trees?


A veteran tree is a tree that is very old or is great in size. Here at Cheltenham tree services, we can provide care to a tree of any age or any size. The oldest trees tend to be those that have been damaged the most over the years due to the weather. We can provide a structural brace or offering a tree pruning service we can help to keep your veteran tree healthy.


Why should I have my tree crown thinned?


Having your tree thinned helps to give the tree an even balance of density throughout all the branches. This is great for trees that are not growing evenly or there are more dense branches in one section of the tree compared to another section. This service helps to great a more appealing aesthetic for a tree.


What is a tree stump removal service?


A tree stump removal service is the removal of the stump left behind from where a tree was cut down. A tree stump may be an eye sour and is ruining the look of your garden. Here at Cheltenham tree services, we provide a professional removal of any tree stump.


Why would you need to have your hedge trimmed


A hedge may have become overgrown and now doesn’t look how you would like it to. You may not even have all the required equipment to provide your hedge a trimming. The experienced team will help maintain the shape of your hedge with professional equipment.


What is a visual tree assessment?


A visual tree assessment is a mandatory check that we provide before any work is taken place. The visual tree assessment consists of one of our team members visiting your property. The team will then complete a risk assessment and visual tree assessment. The team will look out for any overhanging branches or any problem spots. They will then provide you with a feedback form from the assessment.


Why would I need to have a tree Consultancy?


During the tree consultancy service, one of our experienced team members will visit your property. During the consultancy, they will advise you on what work needs to be done in your individual case. Then we can arrange to book in the service. The team member that completes the consultancy is a professional and will offer helpful advice to ensure that the health of the tree is maintained.


What is a tree felling license?


This is a license that is obtained from the Forestry Commission. This license is required before cutting down any tree that is protected by a preservation order.  Our experienced team can help you obtain this license. We can also provide the removal service of a tree in a safe and efficient manner.


Why would I require a tree reshaping service?


A tree reshaping service helps improve the overall look of a tree. This is needed for those who may have a tree that is becoming overgrown at the front of the house. When a tree becomes overgrown it can grow unsymmetrically and can become an eyesore. The tree reshaping service help to achieve that desired look or shape of your tree.


Why choose Cheltenham tree services for your arboricultural service?


Here at Cheltenham tree services, we have 25 years of experience. The services we provide are done efficiently and in a professional manner.  We respond to all calls promptly and provide a free written quotation for all work. The team is provided with professional equipment to ensure all work that we complete is done to the best standards. All the work that we provide is also done to industry best practices.


The services we provide are all fully insured and compliant with the law. We are also environmental Business Award winner 2005, for recycling all the arisings from our work.


We ensure that all the work we complete is to the best possible standard and we are Trust Mark Approved Contractor.


Where do Cheltenham tree services cover?


Cheltenham tree services are based in Cheltenham and we cover a radius of 30 miles. We can provide an extensive range of arboricultural services to a range of customers. These customers include County Council, Private Schools, Housing Associations, Churches, Retirement Homes, NHS Properties and Hotels.


Do Cheltenham tree services keep up with all rules and regulations?


Here at Cheltenham tree services, we ensure that all work that we complete is fully legal and within all rules and regulations. We are part of multiple tree contractor groups so that we can ensure that we are continuously up to date with all the new or changing rules and regulations. All the team members a fully informed in all health and safety practices. This ensures all the arboricultural services we provide are done safely and done to correct practices.

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