Make The Most Out Of Your Christmas Tree This Year

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Make The Most Out Of Your Christmas Tree This Year


The holiday season is most definitely upon us. And whether you’re organised and have had your tree up and decorated since December 1st, or have yet to pick yours out, you’re likely to have seen your fair share of beautifully decorated Christmas trees already this year.


At Cheltenham Tree Services, we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about tree care and maintenance. We regularly advise our clients, both domestic and commercial, on how best to ensure the health of their trees, offering services such as tree pruning, tree crown reduction and caring for veteran trees. To find out more about our tree services across Gloucestershire, browse our website, or contact us on 01242 841541.


With this in mind, in today’s blog post, we’ve taken a look at how to keep your tree in top condition this season. Plus, advice on what to do after Christmas is over. Read on to learn more.


How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresher For Longer

how to make the most of your christmas tree

  1. Check before you buy.


When purchasing your tree, ideally look for one that hasn’t already been netted. That way you can inspect the tree thoroughly to determine how freshly harvested it is. The fresher it is, the longer it will last in your home. Look at the base. A paler base means it is likely to have been more recently harvested than one with a darker base. The needles of the tree should be waxy in texture and flexible. Dry and brittle needles suggest a tree that has been sitting out for longer. Finally, if possible, give the tree a shake to test the needle drop. If a lot of needles drop when shaken, the tree is likely to be less on the fresh side.


  1. Prep the base.


According to Gardening Know How, you can help preserve your tree by cutting around an inch off the bottom of your tree. This opens up the tree’s vascular system, allowing water to be drawn up through the trunk. When a tree is first cut and then left on the lot, dirt and sap can clog the tree’s base, preventing water from being drawn up. By cutting off a small portion at the bottom, your tree should last longer.


  1. Water.


Check your tree stand daily to check that the water levels stay topped up. Trees will take in a lot of water, so this should be done frequently to ensure the tree is adequately watered.


  1. Consider the Position.


When putting up your tree, consider its placement in the room. Try to keep it away from heating vents or areas where drafts might get in. Trees do not cope well in fluctuating temperatures. A humidifier is a good way to help maintain the freshness of the tree, helping to prevent the needles from drying out too soon. Additionally, try to keep the tree out of direct sunlight, as this can cause it to fade more quickly.


What To Do With Your Tree After Christmas

what to do with your old christmas tree

Millions of Christmas trees are sold in the UK each year. Most of these end up in landfill come January 6th. We take a look at some of the more environmentally friendly uses for your tree when you’re done with it.


  1. Recycle.


Most local authorities will offer a Christmas tree collection service as part of their recycling and collection services. Check your local authority website to see if your local authority offers this. If they do, simply leave your tree outside your house with the rest of your recycling on the designated collection date. If you live in an area where the council does not collect Christmas trees, check online for a communal collection point that you can take your tree to and drop it off.


  1. Replant.


If the root ball of your Christmas tree is still intact, you might be able to replant your tree in your garden. This can make a great shelter for birds and other creatures during the winter months. Simply dig a hole in your garden, place the tree inside and fill the hold back in. Cover the base with garden mulch and add water.  


  1. Repurpose.


The internet has a wealth of creative and eco-friendly suggestions for reusing your old Christmas tree. Crafts such as coasters, pine needle potpourri and even bird feeders are a great use of your tree. You can also turn your tree into winter mulch to help protect and nourish your more delicate plants. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even try turning your old tree into a didgeridoo.


For more tips and information on tree care and maintenance, follow our blog.


Happy holidays from all of us at Cheltenham Tree Services!


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