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Top Hedge Plants Discussed by Cheltenham Trees

Cheltenham tree services provide top quality hedge maintenance. We have 25 years of experience in providing quality hedge maintenance. If you have purchased a property with an existing hedge that can only be described as an eyesore, we can provide a complete hedge removal service. We can also provide you with a new hedge from our comprehensive range of hedge suppliers and offer hedge maintenance.

Hedge Maintenance


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Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)


The Western Red Cedar hedge has an average speed of growth rate, estimated between 40cm to 60cm a year. This hedge produces mid to dark green cone-shaped leaves which have a beautiful overall look. This hedge is very easy to maintain due to its cone-shaped leaves. It has a very unique look, for someone who requires a relatively low maintenance hedge this is perfect for you. It can be easily maintained from 1 to 6 meters.


English Yew


This hedge is definitely one of the low-cost hedge options for someone who is looking for a lovely looking hedge on a budget this is a perfect option. This hedge can be grown in the majority of soil types and thrives in all light levels. This hedge grows at a slow rate estimated 20cm to 40cm a year. This hedge has dark green dense leaves which are certainly a lovely feature to this hedge. Something to be noted is that this hedge grows red fruits. These fruits are harmful to humans and pets so this might not be the best hedge for a family home with young children and pets. There are many other suggestions on our top hedge plants blog which are perfect options for family homes.


Golden Leylandii


The Golden Leylandii hedge has an incredibly vibrant look to it. Named the Golden Leylandii this hedge really does lives up to its name. It has the brightest green leaves that would be a lovely addition to any garden. This hedge has an average rate of growth estimated between 40cm to 60cm a year. This hedge can be maintained at a height of 1 to 5 meters. This hedge is definitely going to require more maintenance than other options on this list. For someone who is a fond gardener and is happy to provide it with the care it requires. This hedge can is a lovely addition to any garden.


Cherry Laurel


The Cherry Laurel hedge is common throughout gardens around the UK due to its cheap price and its beautiful glossy look. The hedge grows semi-dark green leaves that have a lovely glossy finish. The Cherry Laurel has an average growth rate estimated between 40cm to 60cm a year and can be easily maintained between 1 to 5 meters. This hedge will require trimming and shaping due to its growth rate. Hedge maintenance can be provided by us here at Cheltenham Tree Services. We have the correct equipment and knowledge to help reduce the height and spread of your hedge. This bush is very unique as it produces white flowers during spring. In autumn it produces red berries.


Bay Laurel


The Bay Laurel is definitely an expensive option for your garden hedge but this hedge type has the slowest growth rate throughout this blog. This hedge has a growth rate of just 10cm to 20cm a year. This hedge can be very easily maintained due to its slow growth rate and even tho it would be an expensive hedge to purchase in the first place it would require such little maintenance it could be seen as a great buy in the long run. This hedge flowers which is an incredible feature and the result of the flowering gives the hedge a great character. These are only a few of the hedge types that are available here in the UK. If you are interested in having a new hedge installed we can help provide you this through our comprehensive range of hedge suppliers. Enquire now online or call us today:01242 581541.


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