Tree Crown Reduction and Reshaping

Tree crown reduction reduces the ‘sail’ area of the tree; this in turn alleviates weight and wind loading stresses on the branch structure, and the tree itself. This operation is recommended or requested for trees which are to be retained but may be growing too large for their location or may have biomechanical structural faults.

One of the images to the right shows Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd working on an over-mature Beech Tree in Montpellier Gardens, owned by Cheltenham Borough Council. This iconic tree was found to have structural faults and decay fungi. It is a huge visual amenity for the park, so an Arboricultural Consultant drew up a schedule of works which included a crown reduction of 2-3m and reshape, which we carried out to the highest specification. Our work on this tree was recognised throughout industry journals as outstanding. The tree, with its exclusion zone, still remains today for all to enjoy.

Tree Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves the removal of lower branches to achieve the required height clearance from ground level to the first branch, or clearance of obstructions to lawns, foot paths, high ways, roof tops and property.

Many of the problems associated with low branches can be addressed with formative pruning in the tree’s earlier years. Crown lifting on mature trees can be complex and should be minimised if possible to avoid the onset of stem decay.

The slide show demonstrates crown lifting on a 10 year old Tulip Tree; the low branches were making it hazardous when mowing the lawn with the ride on mower.

Tree Crown Thinning

In crown thinning, a certain percentage of the tree’s branch structure is removed (mainly the secondary branches) and retaining an even density, well-spaced and balanced branch structure after the operation.

Crown thinning can reduce the end weight carriage by dense branches, reducing the loading on the main stem attachment. The thinning process can also alleviate shade problems.

The slide show is a before and after snap of this process.

Tree Reshaping

Branches can be selectively reduced or removed, whilst not necessarily reducing the whole tree. Target pruning can remove extended branches back into the tree’s crown to create a more symmetrical shape.

From small garden trees to large park trees, we are tree crown reduction experts so call today for professional advice.

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Crown Lift Before
Crown Lift After
Crown reduction Before
Crown reduction after
Crown reduction in Montpelier Park