Tree Cutting Gloucester

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Tree Cutting Gloucester

Do you have problems with trees becoming a nuisance on your property? Perhaps you are having issues with trees blocking out the light, or you are concerned that a tree might be unsafe – one storm away from toppling, potentially causing extensive damage to your property. Whatever the reason, if you need a reliable service to carry out tree cutting in Gloucester, look no further than Cheltenham Trees.

With over 25 years experience felling trees across Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Trees are the leading local experts in tree cutting services. We are members of the Arboricultural Association as well as being a Trust Mark Approved Contractor, operating to the highest industry standards, meaning you can put your full trust in us.  

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is a complex and dangerous process that requires a professional to ensure it is carried out safely and effectively. To prevent risk to your property, any neighbouring buildings and yourself, make sure you hire a qualified tree surgeon for all your tree cutting needs. This will save you time and money in the long run as a tree surgeon will not only ensure your tree is cut down properly but also will take responsibility for the removal of the tree. Our tree surgeons are highly trained, with expert knowledge and skills to ensure your tree is removed quickly and effectively with minimal disruption.

Planning and Risk Assessment

As part of our tree cutting service, our tree surgeons will put together a comprehensive plan for the felling and removal of your tree, taking into account considerations such as the type of tree, the size of the tree and its proximity to other trees, buildings, etc. We do this by first undertaking a thorough visual tree risk assessment, visiting the property and getting a clear sense of how best to carry out the tree cutting operation, providing feedback to the customer. Aspects we will cover in the assessment include the health of the tree, problem spots and overhanging, dangerous branches, as well as the presence of any potential hazards or obstacles. You can arrange a visual risk assessment as part of our tree cutting service or separately. Contact one of our team to find out more.  

If you are not sure whether your tree needs cutting, arrange for a consultation with one of our expert arborists, or call us on 01242 806541.

Following a comprehensive assessment, our trained team of tree surgeons will begin the tree cutting process by determining the felling direction of the tree, ensuring nothing is in the path and clearing the space, as well as a safe exit route. We will then remove any branches below shoulder height, clearing them away before beginning the cutting, first checking the hinge of the cut and inserting the felling wedge or breaking bar. The tools we use will depend on the size and type of tree. We use only the very latest tree cutting equipment for each job. For more information, visit our tree cutting page.

Protected Trees

It might be the case that the tree you need cutting is covered by a tree preservation order. For this, a felling licence will need to be obtained from the Forestry Commission. Our team can help you in acquiring the necessary licence. If you are unsure whether a tree on your property is protected by a tree preservation order, contact our team today for advice and guidance.

Other Tree Cutting Services

As well as tree removal, we also offer other tree cutting services including reshaping and reductions, pruning and wood chipping. For further information about our other arboricultural services, visit our page, or contact our team.

Health and Safety Conscious

At Cheltenham Trees, we take health and safety extremely seriously. All our staff receive regular training on health and safety to ensure we are operating within relevant legislation and using up to date guidance, giving you peace of mind that your job will be carried out to the highest safety standards.

For a free, no obligation quote for our tree cutting Gloucester service, click on the quote button at the top of the page or contact one of our helpful team on 01242 806541.

To find out more about tree cutting in Gloucester, or to learn about our other services, including tree pruning and tree stump removal, visit our website, or contact us.


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