Tree Felling Stroud

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Tree Felling Stroud

Are you a homeowner or an organisation that requires professional tree felling services? Cheltenham Trees are the only fully accredited tree surgeon in Stroud, Gloucestershire. We have many years of experience safely downing trees that have become a problem. For tree felling in Stroud, get in touch with a member of our team on 01242 581541.


Tree Felling Methods

There are two different methods when it comes to tree felling. The method used will largely depend on the size of the tree.


Hand Felling

Hand felling is the first method of tree felling. Hand felling is suitable for smaller trees. As the name suggests, large-scale machinery is not required for hand felling. Tools such as an axe, saw or chainsaw will normally be used. In most of our work here at Cheltenham Trees, we will use this method of tree felling.


Once the tree is felled, the tree feller may begin limbing the tree. Limbing involves removing branches from the tree trunk. They may also buck the tree, cutting it into smaller logs.


Feller Buncher

For larger trees, or in commercial logging, tree surgeons will use a piece of equipment known as a ‘feller buncher’. A feller buncher is a motorised vehicle with a metal attachment that swiftly cuts and gathers together several trees during the felling process.


Do Not Try This At Home

Please note, tree felling is a complex process. It is extremely dangerous and should NOT be tried at home. If you have a tree that needs felling, resist the temptation to do it yourself and call in the professionals. An improper felling technique can result in severe damage to property and risk to life. At Cheltenham Tree Services we know how to safely cut down a tree, removing it without putting anyone or anything at risk.


Just think, is it really worth yours or your family’s safety for the sake of saving a little money? Call Cheltenham Tree Services on 01242 581541 and ensure your tree is felled correctly and safely.


The Tree Felling Process

tree felling stroud




The first stage of any tree felling project is thorough planning. When we are notified of a tree that needs cutting down, we will send some of our qualified tree felling technicians to first carry out a survey of the tree and the property surrounding it. The surveyor will take into account the various safety and efficiency considerations, before creating a plan for the felling of the tree. They will look for any potential obstacles and determine how the area will need to be prepped. For example, whether to put out warning signage.


To decide on how the tree will be felled, the surveyor will consider the felling direction of the tree, looking at the branches’ appearance and growth. They will also consider the wind strength and its direction, before making a plan to clear the felling area of any obstacles.


Before Felling

Once a thorough survey has been undertaken and a plan put together, the tree feller will first remove the tree’s branches up to around shoulder height, usually with a hand saw or chainsaw for thicker branches. This will prevent them from getting in the way when making the felling cut.


Felling the Tree

The tree feller will then prepare to make the initial felling cut. The felling technique will depend on the tree size, the slope and the size of the chainsaw being used. Following the plan and agreed technique, the feller will then, with the greatest care, bring down the tree.


After the tree is downed and the branches stripped, we will arrange to dispose of the tree appropriately. Our team will ensure the area is cleared of any debris and that all safety procedures are correctly followed.


Get a Free Quote

At Cheltenham Tree Services, we carry out our tree felling services to the highest quality and safety standards. You can always trust us to carry out each job with the utmost care and efficiency. If you need a tree cut down, get in touch today to arrange a quote or survey. For tree felling in Stroud, trust Cheltenham Tree Services.


We also offer other services across Stroud, including hedge maintenance, support with conservation and tree protection orders, tree pruning and tree stump removal. Visit our menu for links to our other services.


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