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There are many different reasons why you might choose to have a tree on your property felled. Sometimes it can be due to safety concerns, whereas in other cases it could be for aesthetic reasons. For tree felling in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham Trees should be your first port of call. Call us on 01242 581541 to get a free quote. Below, we take a look at some common reasons why trees are sometimes felled.


tree felling tewkesburyA Threat To Your Home


If a tree is growing too close to your home, it could pose a threat that you are completely unaware of. Tree roots can stretch much further than the tree itself. A tree that grows close to your property could have roots that can damage the stability of your home’s foundations. For example, if you have paving you may notice cracks in the pavement where roots are underground. Roots can also cause sewage blockages, rupturing pipes causing problems with sewage leaking around your property, which is obviously extremely unpleasant.


Additionally, a tree that is not stable or is leaning dangerously could collapse and cause damage to property and even endanger life. Earlier this year, Storm Ali battered the UK and caused damage to scores of trees. One man lost his life due to a falling tree. If you have a tree that has been damaged by a storm, it may pose a risk to you, your property and anyone in the nearby area and therefore need to be cut down.


Taking Up Valuable Space


While trees are often a beautiful addition to a property, providing greenery and shade, they also take up a great deal of space. You may find that you wish to use your land for something that requires the removal of a particular tree. For example, building an extension, installing a driveway or planting a vegetable patch. Removing the tree will free up space for you to pursue your desired projects.


Dead or Diseased Trees


If a tree is diseased or has died, it might be wise to remove it. Removing a diseased tree, providing it cannot be cured, can help prevent the spread of the disease to other trees on the property or in your area. Dead trees can also be extremely unstable, posing a risk to anyone using your garden and ultimately to your home.


Blocking Your View


You might find that a tree on your property is blocking your view out of your garden. If you wish to better enjoy the view, cutting down the tree can help achieve this.


Prevent Overcrowding


Felling a tree can also allow the other trees on the property more space and resources to grow, which is especially important if those trees are in better condition and are healthier than the tree that is to be cut down.


It is important to remember that it is illegal to fell trees without a licence, unless an exemption applies. At Cheltenham Tree Services, we can assist you in applying for a licence and in navigating any legal requirements before having a tree on your property felled.


How Much Does Tree Felling Cost?

The cost of tree removal will vary depending on the size and situation of the tree. With Cheltenham Tree Services, our team will first conduct a site survey before providing you with an accurate quote for the tree removal cost. To arrange a site survey, contact us on 01242 581541.


About Us


At Cheltenham Tree Services, we have been felling trees safely and effectively for over 30 years. We are certified arborists based near Tewkesbury, offering a fully comprehensive professional tree service. To find out more, browse our website, or call us today. If you need tree felling in Tewkesbury, get in touch with Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd.


We also offer other services including tree cutting in Tewkesbury, hedge maintenance, support with conservation and protection orders, tree pruning and tree stump removal in Tewkesbury. Click the links in the menu to learn more.




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