Advising you on tree preservation orders and conservation areas

At Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd, we are experienced tree surgeons that can help you with everything to do with tree preservation orders and conservation area commissions. Our highly trained and experienced team are available as consultants to care for your protected trees. We can provide regular surveys and inspections of your trees to ensure that they are growing steadily and healthily. After the inspections, we will provide you with comprehensive feedback on how the trees are doing. We will continue to check your trees regularly whilst they are being protected by the conservation area commission.

Do you need a tree felled that is covered by a TPO?

If your tree is covered by a tree preservation order, but it is vital that the tree is cut down, it is important that a felling licence is obtained from the Forestry Commission before cutting down the tree. This licence is something that our team can help you obtain, to ensure that the tree is safely cut down and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. If you are unsure of anything regarding a tree on your property and finding our whether is is protected or not, please call us on 01242 581541 and one of our team will be able to advise you on its status.

What is a conservation area?

A conservation area is a section of land that houses trees and other natural features, which should be protected and cannot be cut down. If the conservation area is on your commercial or business property, or near your property, and you would like to cut down one of the trees, you will need permission from the local council and the Forestry Commission to do so. Here at Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd, we are able to assist you on this, so call our team on 01242 581541 to enquire

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