Comprehensive Tree Pruning Services

Providing a comprehensive tree pruning service, Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd is available throughout the week to help you with branch and leaf removal. Our tree pruning service is important to the life of your tree. Whilst undertaking a pruning, we will look for any spots where your tree may be damaged. We also remove any overhanging branches and advise you on any care techniques should undertake if your tree needs them. Contact us today for a FREE quote of work and to book an tree pruning service. Once you have booked an appointment with us, we will ensure that your tree is completely healthy and growing effectively once again. Call us today on 01242 581541.

Why Should You Have Your Trees Pruned?

Having your tree pruned means that you are helping keep your tree stay healthy and producing healthy fruit and leaves. Our team of experienced tree surgeons can spot and remove any infected branches, fruits or leaves to stop the infection spreading throughout the tree. Removing branches and leaves can also mean that the tree is able to access more air and sunlight for more successful growth. As well as ensuring the tree looks presentable and is growing well, we can also take samples from the tree for you to plant elsewhere. If you have a tree or fruit tree that you would like to plant throughout your garden, let our tree surgeon that is performing the work know and they will provide you with a healthy sample and advice.

Collecting Your Fruit Whilst We Prune

If you own a fruit tree that needs pruning, we can collect the fruit for you whilst we prune. We will ensure that only the ripe fruit is taken from the tree, and the branches that are removed are for the benefit of the tree.

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