Tree Stump Removal Stroud

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Tree Stump Removal Stroud

For over 25 years, Cheltenham Tree Services have been helping people and businesses throughout Stroud with our expert tree removal and maintenance services. One of the main services we offer is complete removal of tree stumps. For effective tree stump removal in Stroud, look no further than Cheltenham Tree Services. Call us on 01242 581541 or email to get a free quote today.


The Problem With Tree Stumps

As they are, tree stumps are not inherently bad. However, once a tree has been felled, leaving behind a stump, issues may arise with the remaining tree stump. For example, new shoots may grow from the leftover stump, in a process known as ‘suckering’. Fungus may grow on the stump and it may become diseased. Also, stumps that are left behind after a tree has been felled may present a trip hazard on your property. In any of these cases, it may ultimately be for the best to have the stump removed.


Removing a Tree Stump

Now, you cannot simply pull a tree stump out of the ground. Roots grow deep and stretch far, especially with very old trees. Without gaining a full understanding of the remainder of the tree and its roots, including how they have grown, the stump will not be able to be properly and effectively removed. If the tree is within a close distance to a building, for example, the roots may have become connected with underground pipes. Therefore, by removing the stump without a proper assessment of the situation, you could unknowingly damage your property. Even worse, by attempting to remove a tree stump without proper tools and safety planning, you could put yourself and any bystanders at risk.

It is for these reasons that we urge anyone considering removing a tree stump themselves to call for professional assistance. By using professional arborists, you will ensure your tree stump is removed both safely and effectively, with no damage to your property. You will ultimately save time, effort and money you might have had to spend on repairing any damage should you have attempted it yourself.

Tree stump removal stroud


The Tree Stump Removal Process

The process of removing a tree stump will vary depending on the individual stump. When working with a professional tree surgeon such as Cheltenham Tree Services, an initial assessment will be conducted. The surveyor will consider the type of tree stump, its size and how accessible it is for the team to get to. Some trees are tougher to cut than others, such as willow, for example. The surveyor will then draw up a detailed plan for the removal of the stump.

At Cheltenham Tree Services, we use a state of the art stump grinder, which is specially designed to fit even through tight spaces. The grinder has steel tipped teeth which rapidly rotate, grinding the stump into a wood mulch. The mulch can then be easily disposed of by a member of our trained team.


Eco-Friendly Tree Stump Removal

When removing a tree stump, we only use eco-friendly practices. While some tree surgeons will burn or simply dump the mulch leftover from the stump, at Cheltenham Tree Services we use environmentally friendly methods of disposal. It was this commitment to green operations that earned us the Environmental Business Award.


Health and Safety

Most importantly, as recognised members of the Arboricultural Association, accredited by health and safety organisations CHAS and SSIP, we always uphold the highest safety standards. When it comes to tree stump removal, your property could not be in safer hands. We have helped hundreds of people removing problem tree stumps safely and efficiently. With strict safety standards and procedures, we ensure safety is paramount in every job we do.


If you require tree stump removal in Stroud, get in touch with a member of our team today for a free quote. We can come at a time that suits you to conduct a thorough assessment, offering advice and guidance. Call us on 01242 581541.


For other services, including consulting, tree pruning, crown reduction and tree felling in Stroud, visit the links in our menu or give us a call for more information.




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