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Sick of tree stumps marring your garden landscape? When a tree has been felled, leaving a stump behind, many people are unsure what to do or how to deal with the remaining tree stump. At Cheltenham Trees, we offer professional tree stump removal in Tewkesbury, expertly clearing your property of that unsightly stump. If you require a tree stump removal service, get in touch with us today on 01242 581541.


Tree stump removal tewkesburyNot only can tree stumps be unsightly, they can also be hazardous, posing a risk of tripping which could result in you facing liability for injury to people visiting your home. They are also a nuisance, making activities such as gardening, mowing or weeding more difficult. A tree stump can take up valuable space on your property, which could be used for something else such a flower bed, play equipment or even a vegetable patch.


Getting Rid of Tree Stumps


While it might be tempting to consider removing a tree stump yourself, we do not advise this. Tree stump removal is a complex process that requires high levels of skill and precision, along with the proper tools to effectively remove the stump. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t try to remove a tree stump yourself:


Danger to Others


Without the proper skills, knowledge and equipment, you could pose a risk to people around you by attempting to remove a tree stump yourself. You could misjudge the force needed to remove the stump, causing it to be thrown into a neighbouring garden where it might injure someone. Or you may lose control of your tools which could also result in injury. While this may sound unlikely, these scenarios are not uncommon, unfortunately.


Danger to Property


Some people have tried to remove tree stumps by attaching cords around the stump and their vehicle, effectively using the force of the vehicle driving forward to pull the stump out of the ground. Please be aware, a tree stump cannot simply be pulled out of the ground; it must be specially cut and then ground down using a tree stump grinder. Those individuals who have tried to pull tree stumps out using their vehicles have ended up with parts of their vehicle being ripped off or damaged, or even the stump flying through the car windshield.


Danger to Yourself


Attempting to remove a tree stump by yourself or even with a group not only poses a risk to others and to your property, but also to yourself. Without proper assessment by a trained tree surgeon, you have no way of knowing how far the tree stump reaches and what it will take to effectively remove it. Only licensed arborists have the skills necessary to properly remove a tree stump without posing any danger to anyone or anything in the immediate surrounding. Do not take the risk. Call in the professionals to help you with your tree stump removal.


The Benefits of Using A Professional Tree Stump Removal Service


By hiring a professional tree stump removal service, you will benefit from expert advice tailored to your situation from a careful and skilled tree specialist who can advise you about gaining any necessary permissions for having your tree stump removed. You can also rest assured that all health and safety procedures are being strictly observed, keeping everyone safe throughout the stump removal process. A professional tree stump removal service will have the correct equipment needed to ensure quick and efficient removal of the stump, saving time and keeping any disruption to a minimum. In addition, your tree surgeon will be aware of any potential underground hazards such as pipes or wires and will be able to avoid them. And finally, when the job is done, you won’t be left to dispose of the debris yourself.


When it comes to tree and stump removal, hiring someone knowledge, expertise and the right equipment is the best way to ensure both safety and effectiveness. At Cheltenham Tree Services, we have many years of experience removing tree stumps properly and safely. To find out more about this service, including tree stump removal cost, contact us on 01242 581541. We offer free, no-obligation quotes to all customers. Call us today for tree stump removal in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.


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