Looking for Tree Stump Removal Services?

Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd offers a complete tree stump removal solution. Our professional stump removal service is the first choice for you, no matter the size of the tree stump. We have over 25 years in tree maintenance and tree stump removal which means that there’s no tree stump that we cannot remove. We are an ARB approved contractor and have accreditations with a number of related tree surgeon organisations. If you’d like to learn more about our tree stump removal or to book in for a FREE quote, please call us on 01242 581541.

We are the experts in stump removals; small and large. Our modern specialist machinery will cope with any of your stump removal requirements.

Limited access machines will pass thought 30” openings as seen on the slide show to your right; our larger machines will make short work of any size stump.

How Do You Remove Tree Stumps?

Using only the latest in tree stump removal equipment, our team are efficient and effective when it comes to removing even the most stubborn of tree stump. Our machine’s cutter wheel has tungsten tipped teeth which rotate at over 1300rpm. They then grind the tree stump into fibrous wood mulch to the required depth below ground level. We are then able to dispose of the removed tree stump in an environmentally friendly way.

Our team of tree stump removal experts work safely, tidily and efficently when removing a stump from your commercial or domestic property. Each member of our team is fully qualified and accredited to work using our equipment and remove tree stumps. This means that you do not have anything to worry about when having your tree stump removed by Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd.

Call our team today on 01242 581541 for your stump removal solution by Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd.

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