Tree Surgeon Gloucestershire

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Tree Surgeon Gloucestershire


Looking for a professionally accredited tree surgeon in Gloucestershire? Cheltenham Tree Services covers the entire region. We provide expert arboricultural services to both domestic and commercial properties. To find out more about what we do, browse our website or read on. For a survey assessment from a qualified tree surgeon, call us on 01242 581541.


What Is a Tree Surgeon?

Tree Surgeon Gloucestershire

A tree surgeon, also known as an arborist, is a professional trained in the care and management of trees, shrubs and other similar plants. They are different from gardeners or landscapers, requiring a different set of accreditations, safety training and specialist equipment. In fact, the role of a tree surgeon is one of the most dangerous jobs, due to the level of risk that comes with many of the services they perform.


At Cheltenham Tree Services, we offer a comprehensive list of services suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. Below, we take a look at the different types of services we provide to clients across the Gloucestershire region.


Tree Care Services

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Tree Felling and Removal


Felling a tree is one of the most difficult and dangerous operations a tree surgeon will undertake. Hence, it is vital that you do not hire someone who is not professionally trained or accredited or try to do it yourself. Without the correct knowledge and safety procedures, trying to cut down a tree yourself can endanger both property and lives. If you have a tree on your property that needs removing, contact Cheltenham Tree Services for a safe, professional tree removal service in Gloucestershire.


Tree Crown Reduction


If you want to reduce the overall size of a tree that is on your property, we can carry out a tree crown reduction. This involves removing foliage and smaller branches, while leaving the larger branches intact. This is often needed when a tree is getting too big or at risk of becoming unstable. Crown reduction can be carried out regularly to ensure a healthy tree. To find out more about tree crown reduction in Gloucestershire, contact us on 01242 581541.


Tree Pruning


Like crown reduction, pruning can help improve the appearance of your tree and maintain its health. Our tree surgeons will remove any infected branches to prevent the spread of disease, giving your tree a better chance at a long life. For tree pruning services, contact Cheltenham Tree Services.


Tree Stump Removal


Once a tree has been felled, it leaves behind a tree stump, which can pose problems such trip hazards, causing difficulty with gardening or even simply being an eyesore. Removing tree stumps requires specialist skills and machinery. Our team use a stump grinder machine to grind the stump into mulch, allowing the stump to be safely removed. For tree stump removal in Gloucestershire, get in touch.


Tree Maintenance


We also carry out general tree maintenance services, which are particularly necessary for veteran trees. This ensures that they stay healthy and in good condition. Contact us on 01242 581541 for more information.


Hedge Services

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Keeping your hedges looking neat and under control can be a difficult task to maintain, often requiring high levels of skills and knowledge to ensure they look their best. Our hedge maintenance team possesses years of skills and experience, keeping our customers’ hedges in top condition. For hedge maintenance in Gloucestershire, visit Cheltenham Tree Services.


Legal Services

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Tree Preservation Orders

If you require a tree on your property felled, but it is covered by a tree preservation order, we can advise you on obtaining a felling licence. We can help you meet requirements of cutting down and disposing of the tree to meet the required environmental standards. Contact us on 01242 541581 for advice and guidance.


Conservation Areas

We can also advise you if part or all of your property is part of a designated conservation zone. If you would like to cut down a tree on your property, we can support you in making the required application to the local council as well as handling the tree felling.


To find out more about our professional tree services in Gloucestershire, contact Cheltenham Tree Services today. We are a Gloucestershire based tree surgeon you can trust. As certified members of the Arboricultural Association, we uphold the highest standards when it comes to tree care and maintenance. Contact us on 01242 581541 today.

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