Treat your Veteran Trees to Some Care and Attention

If you have an old, veteran tree on your commercial or domestic property, it may need some extra care and attention. There are many older trees that will take care of themselves, but there are also ones that have been damaged by weather over the years and are left with structural damage. By employing a structural brace, or just pruning and trimming some of the branches, your tree’s health can drastically improve and the tree will still last for years to come. Not all veteran trees need to be felled; why not have your tree assessed today by an ARB approved tree contractor such as Cheltenham Tree Services Ltd? Our team can advise you on the best way to move forward with your veteran trees. Call us today on 01242 581541 for a FREE quote

The Benefits Of Caring for Veteran Trees

There are many benefits when it comes to using a bracing system. As well as allowing for natural crown movement, the system is easily climbed by tree surgeons should you need regular prunes. No damage is caused to the tree during installation, and it is suitable for the long term. Once your tree is ready to have the system removed, it is easily done with one appointment with us.

Is Your Tree Starting to Buckle or Droop?

Once you have assessed your tree and it can still survive where it is placed, we can put a bracing system in place to keep your tree growing safely. By putting a bracing system in place, it will keep the tree upright and ensure that the tree isn’t going to cause any damage should it fall down.

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